Harry Culver

Founder of Culver City, California

Harry Culver age 33

Harry Hazel Culver, age 33.
Land developer, city builder and promoter.

HARRY H. CULVER 1880-1946

Real Estate Developer | City Builder | Screenland Pioneer

In 1910 at age 30, Harry Culver, originally from Nebraska, moved to California and worked for real estate developer Issac Van Nuys.

Harry Culver made it his personal mission to research and find the "best city location" in southern California. Harry did not choose to start with an already existing small town or development. Instead he looked for inspiration in current trends, personal comforts and town features that future home owners and small businesses would desire.

In 1913 Harry Culver announced his vision and startup plans for a new city halfway between Los Angeles and the beach resort, Venice. He energetically pursued and promoted his new city development. He eventually served as President of California Association of Realtors, and President of National Association of Realtors in 1923.

Harry Culver spent a year enticing famous filmmaker, Thomas Ince, to move his studios to Culver City. He sold Hal Roach land for the Hal Roach Studios. Harry Culver's city plan had succeeded in bringing major movie making to Culver City.

Culver City "Heart of Screenland" legacy includes Cecil B. DeMille's studio, MGM Studios, David O. Selznick Studios, RKO, Desilu and Culver Studios. Today, Ince's Triangle Studio is SONY Pictures, home of Columbia and TriStar Pictures.

In 1916 Harry Culver married Lillian Roberts. Harry and Lillian had one daughter, Patricia.
Harry Culver is survived by two grandsons John Battle, Tacoma WA and Chris Wilde, North Hollywood CA.

Harry Culver

"Culver City Secrets" by Mike King of Mike King Realty

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